The pool is member-owned and directed and offers products and services including risk management and loss control, underwriting, claims management and a comprehensive package of insurance coverages including property, casualty and workers’ compensation.

As administrator, our role encompasses all insurance related operations including; underwriting, claims management, loss control/risk management, accounting and finance, reinsurance placement management, committee management, in-house actuarial review and overall program management services. We schedule, facilitate and manage all Board and committee meetings as well as the annual retreat.

In addition to the core insurance function management role, we also handle and manage all consultant relationships on behalf of the pool including, actuary, financial auditor, investment advisor and insurance agent management. The pool does not have any of its own employees, therefore, we report to the Board of Directors regarding all of the insurance management operations.

Workers Comp, Property, Casualty
25+ years
Self-insured Pool

Customized Solutions

We provide insurance company infrastructure and strategic program management for self-insured groups across the country.

Each program is unique; we are dedicated to supporting the mission of each customer program (and its individual member insureds) by operating specialty-insurance enterprises that are financially stable, competitive in the marketplace and member-focused over the long-term.

Using insurance industry best-practice standards and efficient, customer-centric technology our team tailors our offerings to the unique needs of our self-insureds. This results in highly-differentiated coverages and services and a lasting competitive advantage for the self-insured enterprise, its affiliates and members.

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