Report a Claim

Reporting a new loss quickly to Berkley Risk is an important first step to ensure prompt handling of your claim. To immediately get your Claim Number and for fastest response, please report your loss online:

Report a WC Loss

*New* Process

After you submit a claim you will receive email confirmation with your Claim Number and contact information for submitting additional documentation including supervisor reports, wage information, medical reports and other supporting documentation.

The Berkley Risk Digital Assistant

Once a new claim is established you can access a variety of claims related information using the Berkley Risk Digital Assistant. The Berkley Risk Digital Assistant provides 24/7, on-demand access to information like:

  • Who is my adjuster? What is their contact information?
  • What is the status of my check?
  • Where do I send documents?
  • What’s my claim number?

Property & Casualty Loss Notice Forms

Auto Loss Notice
General Liability Loss Notice
Property Loss Notice

Email a loss notice to: [email protected]