I’ve never heard of Berkley Risk. Are you new?

This is not the first time we’ve heard this. We’ve been in business since 1976; over the last 40+ we have built and supported countless self-insured programs into successful insurance operations. As is our way, we’ve focused on building our customers’ brands in the marketplace, not our own.

Are you an insurance company?

We’re a member company of W. R. Berkley Corporation, an A. M. Best A+ rated Fortune 500 holding company. Berkley is comprised of individual operating units that serve a defined insurance market segment. Berkley Risk is focused on providing self-insured entities program administration services and insurance operations which can include taking or sharing risk using Berkley paper. This capability allows us to customize both an insurance company option and a purely administrative option for our customers.

What steps are required to transition an existing program?

We begin by simultaneously learning as much as we can about your program and your management team’s goals and objectives while evaluating the complexity of your existing data. We use that due diligence to provide you with a detailed proposal of services and transition plan for evaluation.

What is the timeframe to transition a program to Berkley Risk?

Timing varies depending on many factors including program requirements, complexity and quality of existing data. Typically we can transition a program in six to nine months however we will work with you to set appropriate expectations for your program.

Are you a TPA?

For some self-insured clients we only provide customized claims handling solutions.

Can you provide an underwriting system without handling the claims?

Yes. We can provide a full suite of services or just one piece, depending on your needs.

What systems do you use?

We’ve built an integrated ecosystem of proprietary and vendor supported systems to ensure seamless, efficient insurance operations day-to-day while providing decision makers actionable data and insureds on-demand access to their policy and claims information.

Will you work with our existing vendors?

Yes. We work with a variety of different vendors including outside legal counsel, third-party actuaries, outside CPAs, financial advisors and more on many of our programs.

What financial information and/or reports do you provide?

We provide a thorough set of financial statements on a quarterly or monthly basis for all our clients. In addition we can customize additional reports as needed.

Will you work with any self-insured program?

Today we work with both large and small, monoline and multiline self-insured customers. Regardless of the self-insured structure (Pool, Trust, Captive, RRG, etc.) our focus each day is to support self-insured entities with superior personal service and efficient insurance operations so that our clients can best control their total cost of risk and achieve their financial objectives. If we do not feel we can add value to your program we will let you know.