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Berkley Risk Administrators Company LLC
222 South Ninth Street, Suite 2700
Minneapolis, MN 55402-3332
Tel: (612) 766-3000
Fax: (612) 766-3099

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If you need to obtain a claim number, please contact the adjuster assigned to the claim or our main number 612-766-3000.

Please send medical bills to:

Berkley Risk Administrators Company, LLC
PO Box 59143
Minneapolis, MN 55459-0143


​​Submission of Medical Bills for Minnesota​

​​Minnesota Statutes sections 62J.536 and 176.135​​ require the standard, electronic exchange of routine health care business transactions, including claims and remittance advices, between health care providers and payers. These laws and related rules apply to all payers, including workers’ compensation carriers, that are licensed or doing business in Minnesota. For more information, see the following Minnesota Statutes section 62J.536 implementation and compliance updates.

Berkley Risk utilizes Jopari for electronic transactions. Our payer number is J1526.​​​

If you have further questions about ebilling, please contact Linda Karjala at 612-766-3520 or Jennifer Melchior at 612-766-3521